Specsavers easypay


Never be without contact lenses again! Re-order hassle free with Specsavers easypay and save 10% on all replenishment contacts. Also receive a FREE glasses voucher and no cost aftercare for use in store.
Sign up to Specsavers easypay and replenish your contact lens order automatically at the frequency of your choice. Select your product, select your frequency of re-order and we'll take care of the rest. Based on your required frequency, we will send you a new stock of contact lenses and charge your credit or debit card the best price offered by Specsavers on your nominated order date, discounting the order by 10%. Click here to see the Specsavers easypay Terms & Conditions.

Will I know when a Specsavers easypay order is created?

Yes, approximately a week before your scheduled easypay order is due to be generated, you will receive a reminder email. This gives you the opportunity to update any delivery details or payment details if you need to. You don't need to confirm anything it is just a reminder to let you know that your order is being processed. When you easypay order is created, payment is confirmed and it is sent to our warehouse, you will receive an Order confirmation/Tax Invoice email confirming all the details. This can then be used to claim from your relevant health fund provider as required.

Within the easypay section under My Account you can see the Next Order Date of your easypay order. This is the day that your next easypay order is due to be created with the normal lead times then applying to the order.

How Do I Turn On Specsavers easypay if I'm an existing Customer?

If you are an existing contact lens customer and have an online account, you are able to access your easypay account details via the My Account section of the website. You need to nominate a previous order or specific products from your previous orders to be added to easypay and set up the frequency that you wish to have your automated orders created.

How do I turn on Specsavers easypay if I don't have an online Account?

If you are a new customer to online ordering (or you have never created an online account), you complete a brand new order and nominate to activate easypay as part of the Checkout process. You nominate the frequency of the easypay orders when completing the Checkout process.

Can I change my Specsavers easypay delivery address?

Yes. You can update your details at any time by going to My Account and editing this is the My Details section of the website. You nominate the delivery address you want to have as your easypay delivery address. Each time an easypay order is generated, it will use the delivery address you have nominated.

Can I change my payment details on my Specsavers easypay order?

Yes, you can change your easypay payment method at any time using the My Wallet feature located in the My Account section of the website. You can add multiple payment methods to your Wallet and nominate the one to be used for easypay orders.

What happens if my payment is declined?

You will receive an email notifying you that your easypay order cannot be processed as there is an issue with your payment method, for example your card may have expired or you are over your limit. You will need to update your nominated easypay payment method to another card you may have registered in your online Wallet, or create a new one. Your online Wallet is located in the My Account section of the website. We will attempt to take payment for 3 days.

What happens if my credit card expires?

You will receive an email notifying you that the card attached to your easypay order is due to expire. You will then be able to update your card details through My Account, so that your easypay orders can continue to be processed.

What happens if my prescription changes?

If your prescription changes, you will need to raise a new order for your newly prescribed contact lenses and add these to your easypay basket for your ongoing regular orders. Remember to remove your old contact lenses from your easypay basket.

What happens if my prescription expires?

You will be sent an email regularly to ensure that your prescription is still valid. Don't forget, you can go to your nominated Specsavers store for an aftercare check up which is at no extra charge to you.

Can I pause my Specsavers easypay?

You can manage your easypay order in My Account to allow for your holiday or oversupply of lenses by pushing the Next Order date out or reducing the quantity of lenses. That way when you return from holiday or are ready to receive lenses again, your order will still be scheduled to continue arriving with all your details retained. You can make all these changes from the easypay section of My Account.

Can I change the quantity of products on my Specsavers easypay order?

Yes, you can change the quantity on your easypay order through the My Account section. You can increase or decrease the quantity of each item and it will take effect from the next order.

What will my Specsavers easypay price be?

When you buy contact lenses through Specsavers easypay you get 10% off the product you select on an ongoing basis. This excludes the cost of shipping. Saving is based on the product price on the date your easypay order is generated.